4 Ways Hardware Can Be the Star of a Glass Shower Enclosure

4 Ways Hardware Can Be the Star of a Glass Shower Enclosure

1st Apr 2024

Modern shower enclosures are defined by glass and are usually transparent. While the metal components generally account for much less of the structure, they go a long way toward determining the shower’s style. Some decorators and designers prefer to keep the focus on the glass and choose minimal hardware and unobtrusive options such as a through glass finger pull instead of a more substantial door handle. Today, however, we’re going to explore options on the other end of the design spectrum and look at 4 ways to make the hardware the star of the show.



1. Choose a hardware finish in the gold family.

Golden-hued finishes like brass and bronze add warmth to a room’s color temperature and elevate a shower’s level of dressiness. Two popular finishes in 2024 are satin brass – click here to see an example – and brushed bronze – see example here. Choosing one of these elegant finishes for your frameless glass shower hardware will make the whole enclosure look more luxurious and posh. Brass and bronze hardware look amazing against clear, acid-etched, and patterned glass alike. With one of these finishes the shower’s metal components will not go unnoticed!



2. Select metal elements that make a statement of style.

Besides – or instead of – choosing a warm, rich finish, you can pick shower hardware with an eye-catching shape and contours that make a statement. One important piece is the pull handle or pull handle and towel bar combination. These are available in simple shapes formed from circular or square tubing. However, there are also pull/towel bar combos with more personality, such as ladder style – click to view. Single sided or back to back pull handles are available in numerous styles that have plenty of character. Examples include:

  • FHC Baroque series
  • Portals Concerto series
  • FHC Crown style



  • 3. Modernize the enclosure with a sleek, functional kit.

    Frameless sliding shower door systems are a fabulous product for contemporary bathrooms. Appealing features include:

  • A modern design that showcases a sleek header across the top of the shower and a door hanging from rollers.
  • Space-saving door operation that does not require any extra clearance around the shower area.
  • The use of stylish frameless glass panels.
  • Availability in various trending finishes.
  • A sliding shower door is especially appealing when another fixture, such as the toilet, is close to the glass shower and would be hit by a door swinging open.



    4. Get on board a hot trend with matte black shower hardware.

    One of the hottest looks in interior décor is matte black metal. It is frequently paired with clear glass, and this combination is wonderful on a shower enclosure. Matte black shower hardware can take form of U-channels around the glass or smaller components like pulls, towel bars, hinges, and robe hooks. Matte black hardware also works well with frosted glass and patterned glass, although these pairings are not as common.

    Browse the Glass Simple website to find the perfect hardware styles and finishes for your glass shower projects. We offer discounted pricing to business-to-business account holders, so call (571)707-7760 to learn more.