Best Colors for Your Bathroom Remodel

Best Colors for Your Bathroom Remodel

19th Mar 2024

Bathrooms are a favorite room when homeowners want to do a glow-up, makeover, or renovation. According to most of us will spend over 2+ years of our lives in the bathroom, so it makes sense to keep this space looking its best. Many factors contribute to a successful bathroom upgrade, including quality appliances, eco-friendly features, ample storage options, and the right choice of materials. Color is another factor, and it can significantly impact mood and emotions, which means it’s worth the time to evaluate trending and classic bathroom colors and determine which are right for your design goals.



2024 Color Trends – Some New Styles

A recent Homes and Gardens article lays out bathroom colors recommended by interior design professionals in 2024, and some of these are a distinct change from style advice of the past. For example, yellow is at the top of the list, a much different look than the grays and whites that we’ve been seeing in recent years. Next on the list are “earthy tones,” a color group that has often been avoided in the bathroom due to a preference for the hygienic, sanitary vibe given by whites and creams. On the other hand, blue is suggested, and this has long been a favorite given its aquatic connotations and the importance of water in a bathroom setting. Neutrals like “cozy browns, warm whites, and tones of greige” have been trending for a while and make the cut as suggested bathroom tones. Finally, white is not out of the picture, as the final recommendation is “classic white with natural materials.” However, the emphasis on including warm, nature based items indicates that white bathrooms in 2024 will be cozier and less sterile than those of the past.



Popular Hardware Colors and How to Use Them

Besides picking out colors for paint, rugs, towels, curtains, and the like, you’ll need to choose the finish for your shower hardware, cabinet hardware, and other metal fixtures. Stylish metallic hues in 2024 include:

  • Brushed Nickel
  • Matte Black
  • Satin Brass
  • Polished Chrome
  • Brushed nickel is a classic choice that works with lots of bathroom décor. It would look amazing in a yellow bathroom or as a contrasting cool note in a space full of warm earth tones. Matte black works with any color scheme and is perfect for creating a pleasant contrast. For instance, a dark shower door pull – see example here – looks gorgeous against the backdrop of clear or frosted glass. Satin brass is the choice for you if you want to dress up the space with a luxe touch. Since brass is in the gold family of metal tones, it adds warmth and elegance. A satin brass hinge like this will dress up any shower enclosure. This metallic would be lovely in a blue bathroom or as a splash of glamour in a space featuring natural materials against a white backdrop.



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