Small Bathroom Design Tips

Small Bathroom Design Tips

4th Jun 2024

Remodeling a small bathroom might be more challenging than renovating a large space, but it can be just as rewarding. It’s important to make the most of the little space you do have and to choose the materials, colors, and designs that will make the space feel as inviting as possible. We’ll look at everything from layout to small accessories and offer tips for successful small bathroom design.




How to Arrange a Small Bathrooms

If the layout of your small bathroom is not ideal, changing this will likely be the most important aspect of your remodel. Possibilities include:

  • Is there unused space in the bathroom? For instance, are the appliances clustered on one side of the room with a useless corner opposite the entry door?
  • Are pieces of sanitaryware and other installations too close together? Has this created nooks and gaps that are all but impossible to clean?
  • Does the location of some bathroom appliances interfere with the accessibility or functionality of others? For example, when you open the shower door, does it hit the vanity or commode?
  • Keep in mind that moving fixtures requires changes to plumbing, so take this into account when creating your budget and schedule for the project.




    Create the Illusion of Space

    There are also tricks for making a little room look bigger than it really is. Many of these involve combinations of custom glass and hardware:

  • Replace your shower curtain with a clear glass shower to visually enlarge the space. One option is a door that swings open on wall mount, glass to glass, or pivot hinges. If the room is too tight for the door to operate without hitting something, consider a shower screen with an open entrance or a sliding door system – see example here.
  • Turn part of the bathroom into a mirrored wall that will optically double its size.
  • Replace solid shelves with transparent glass walls shelves on metal wall mount clamps.
  • Have the glass shower enclosure reach to the ceiling to make the ceiling look higher.
  • Maximize natural light by choosing light, gauzy window treatments.




  • Choose the Color Scheme Wisely

    The color palette is especially important in a compact bathroom. Traditionally, pale colors are preferred for their ability to make the room seem more open and spacious. Choosing nature-based tones like green or blue OR a neutral with these undertones can also make the space feel calm and soothing. This is a perk since it’s easy for a tiny bathroom to feel cluttered or stressful. When we think of the color scheme, our minds go to paint swatches, towel colors, and so on. However, you also want to be intentional in choosing the finish for the hardware:

  • Matte black hardware is neutral and would form a pleasant contrast to light colors elsewhere in the room.
  • Finishes in the silver family -see example here – bring down the room’s color temperature. These metallics are good for creating a cool feeling, and could enhance the effect of pale walls and window treatments.
  • On the other hand, metals in the gold family like this, will bring warmth to the space. These finishes also add a touch of elegance and luxury.
  • There is not a right choice for the hardware finish in a small bathroom, but the above overview can help you determine which one will further your décor goals for the remodeled space.




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