Spring Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Bathroom

Spring Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Bathroom

30th Apr 2024

Warm days have us in the mood for spring, and this is a great time to refresh your bathroom with a deep clean. Follow these tips to make the job easier and to avoid missing frequently overlooked areas. Top off your cleaning with a couple new bathroom accessories, and the space will feel fresh and welcoming as the seasons change!




1. Empty the room first. For best results, start by clearing out the bathroom. Get everything off the floor, out of shower enclosure, and off the vanity counter. This makes it easier to work and ensures that grime is not left beneath something.




2. Clean the floor last. As you scrub higher surfaces, bits of dust, cleaning powder, and the like will fall to the floor. If you’ve already cleaned the floor, you’ll find yourself having to repeat work. Instead, do the floor at the very end of the process.



3. Clean hardware appropriately. Shower hardware and other bathroom metal can be damaged through incorrect cleaning techniques.

  • Avoid harsh or abrasive powders, cleaning agents, scrubbing pads, and the like.
  • Wash the hardware with a mild blend of liquid soap and water.
  • Rinse immediately and thoroughly.
  • Buff dry with a soft cloth.



  • 4. Remove water spots from the shower glass. Nothing drags down a bathroom’s ambiance like shower glass that has lost its clarity and sparkle. If water spots are an issue on your shower enclosure, consider getting a water stain remover kit to help you successfully tackle this job.



    5. Be sure to clean frequently missed spots. Spring cleaning is the time to wash those areas of the bathroom that have been put off or overlooked. These can include:

  • Dust on towel bars and other fixtures.
  • Soap scum on grout lines.
  • Dust on the floor behind the commode.
  • Grime on the bathroom door.
  • Dust on floor trim.
  • Accumulated lint in corners of the room.
  • Water spots on vanity mirror glass.



  • 6. Cleanse bathroom accessories, too. When you’re done cleaning, you’ll put everything back in your bathroom, but some of the accessories might need a good scrubbing themselves. Common culprits include:

  • soap dispenser
  • trash can
  • toothbrush holder
  • soap dish
  • toilet brush holder



  • 7. Avoid damaging the room’s glass components. Glass is another bathroom surface that should never be subjected to abrasive or harsh cleaning products. Use a 50%-50% mixture of water and vinegar or an approved glass cleaner. Newspaper works great for scrubbing glass without leaving streaks. When cleaning a wall mirror, it is best to apply the cleaner to the cloth or newspaper rather than spraying it on the mirror, where it can drip down and get on the walls or even behind the mirror.



    8. Don’t be afraid to replace damaged items. Sometimes it’s while cleaning that we notice a damaged component or fixture in the bathroom. For example, a leaking shower door could be caused by a deteriorated vinyl seal. You can replace the damaged vinyl piece with a new seal or wipe.

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