Why Choose a Glass Shower Enclosure Over a Shower Curtain?

Why Choose a Glass Shower Enclosure Over a Shower Curtain?

7th May 2024

Remodeling your bathroom? It’s time to make the choice between shower glass or a curtain. A curtain is a quick and comparatively cheap solution, but it may not be the best choice for your design goals and ultimate satisfaction with the bathroom renovation. There are reasons that glass showers far outnumber curtains when you scroll through blogs and articles about bathroom design and décor, so let’s explore some of them.




1. Shower glass is the more stylish option.

Showers typically need some sort of barrier to help with water containment, and one built of glass and metal components is more on trend than a sheet of cloth or vinyl. If you want your remodeled bathroom to be in-vogue, choose a shower screen, swinging door enclosure, or sliding shower door system . This will elevate the room’s vibe even if you have to go with cheaper options for other fixtures and accessories.




2. You can customize your glass shower.

A glass enclosure can be designed by you and personalized to your decorating tastes. Most shower doors and enclosures today are constructed from clear glass, but other options include:

  • acid-etched (frosted)
  • patterned (3-dimensional design on the surface)
  • tinted (choices often include gray and bronze)
  • cast (deeply textured glass formed in a mold)
  • Glass is the most prominent material on a shower enclosure, but the hardware gives it its distinctive style. Take the door handle, for instance. A sleek pull like this keeps things simple and clean, while a fancier handle like this makes the enclosure more formal. Even simple components like clamps and hinges are available with either square or beveled edges.




    3. Glass shower doors are easier and more pleasant to use.

    Shower curtains often get slimy and infested with mildew, mold, or bacteria. Brushing up against a curtain like this can ruin your shower time. However, shower glass never gets soggy, and its impermeable nature keeps it from being infested with spores. Moreover, glass is much easier to clean and sanitize than a cloth or vinyl curtain. Also, a curtain and liner combo will leak water onto the bathroom floor if it is not arranged “just so.” On the other hand, pulling a door shut is simple and quick.




    4. Clear glass positively transforms the look and feel of the whole bathroom.

    Most shower glass today is clear, and there’s a good reason for this. Benefits of a transparent shower enclosure include:

  • The removal of an opaque barrier between the shower area and the rest of the room makes every part of the bathroom look and feel larger.
  • The ambiance inside the shower becomes brighter and more airy.
  • Your shower tile or other shower décor is no longer hidden behind a curtain.
  • Glass adds sparkle and sheen to the space.




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