HABGS1 - FHC Top Adapter Block For 1/2" Glass - Compare to SRHAB01

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  • Compare to Adaptor Block Used with Senior Prima Hinges SRHAB01
  • Top Adapter Block for Use With FHC Shower Header Kits
  • For Use With Patriot & Cambria Grande Series Pivot Hinges
  • Many Popular Finishes Available



Our FHC Adapter Block is designed for use with the Patriot and Cambria Grande Series Pivot Hinges when mounting to a FHC header. The Adapter Block gets mounted and concealed directly into the Header Kit Assembly and can be easily positioned and adjusted as needed. For proper installation, drill a 3/16" diameter hole in the header, the pivot hinge base plate must be removed to mount the hinge to the header/adapter. All Adapter Blocks are packed individually and include (1) mounting screw.

Care & Cleaning Guidelines

For best results, keep the following recommendations in mind when caring for your FHC shower door hardware. Your shower door should be dried daily with a soft towel or cloth to ensure its original finish. Do not use harsh cleaners or chemicals on the hardware, as many of the components are coated with a clear lacquer that will become damaged beyond repair. Always test your cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area prior to cleaning the entire hardware surface. Wipe surfaces clean using a soft, dampened cloth or sponge, and rinse completely with warm water immediately after applying the cleaning solution. Use only small amounts of liquid, gentle, cleaner. Never use abrasive products, sponges, or wire scrub brushes while cleaning hardware.


High Quality Plated Solid Brass

 WARNING: This Product May Contain Chemicals Known to the State of California to Cause Cancer or Reproductive Harm. To Learn More Visit



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Product Name FHC Top Adapter Block for 1/2" Glass
Item No HABGS1
Minimum Order 1 Each




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