P1VPN - FHC Pivot Pin - Compare to SRP1VP1N (1/2"), P1VP1N (3/8")

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Compare to:
SRP1VP1N (1/2"), P1VP1N (3/8")
  • Compare to Senior Prima Optional 5 Degree Pivot Pin Set for 1/2" Glass SRP1VP1N (1/2"), Optional 5 Degree Pivot Pin Set P1VP1N (3/8")
  • P1VPN12 for 1/2" glass
  • P1VPN38 for 3/8" glass
  • 5 Degree "Pivot Pin Set"
  • East to Install
  • All Factory Hinges Include 5 Degree Pivot Option

FHC's 5 degree Pivot Pin sets are designed to allow an additional 5 degrees of closing for jobs that require a firmer positive position against a jamb or seal. These Pivot Pins are installed prior to installation of the hinge onto the glass.

Care & Cleaning Guidelines

For best results, keep the following recommendations in mind when caring for your FHC shower door hardware. Your shower door should be dried daily with a soft towel or cloth to ensure its original finish. Do not use harsh cleaners or chemicals on the hardware, as many of the components are coated with a clear lacquer that will become damaged beyond repair. Always test your cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area prior to cleaning the entire hardware surface. Wipe surfaces clean using a soft, dampened cloth or sponge, and rinse completely with warm water immediately after applying the cleaning solution. Use only small amounts of liquid, gentle, cleaner. Never use abrasive products, sponges, or wire scrub brushes while cleaning hardware.


FHC's pivot pin sets come factory ready for a silent, hassle-free experience. If there is any noticeable squeaking that occurs after installation it is recommended to apply a few drops of (3 in 1) multi-purpose oil to the hinge, at the nylon washer/pivot location. The lubricant will penetrate the hinge crevices, reducing friction, cleaning grime, and/or buildup. Spray lubricants are prohibited. If, for some reason, the hinge is disassembled during maintenance, use a small amount of white lithium grease to lubricate the interior hinge components.


Stainless Steel

 WARNING: This Product May Contain Chemicals Known to the State of California to Cause Cancer or Reproductive Harm. To Learn More Visit


More Information
Product Name FHC Pivot Pin for 3/8" Glass
Item No P1VPN38
Compare To P1VP1N
Air Freight Ships Air
Minimum Order 1 Each
Product Height 2-3/4"
Product Weight 3 oz
Product Width 1/4"
Ship Via Ships UPS
Warnings Not for use with laminated glass
Warranty 3- Year Warranty



Compare to:
SRP1VP1N (1/2"), P1VP1N (3/8")