3 Ways to Quickly Update Your Shower Area

3 Ways to Quickly Update Your Shower Area

26th Mar 2024

2024 is a year of awesome home decorating trends , and bringing some of them into your shower area may be easier than you think. You don’t have to wait until you have the time and budget for a wholesale renovation to give your glass shower area a fresh look and feel. Read on for quick and easy shower updates!



1. Embrace nature based décor.

One hot style this year is decorating with natural materials and items from the great outdoors. In a glass shower enclosure, you have a few different options:

  • Replace your rug-type bath mat with a spa-inspired bamboo bath mat.
  • Add one or more potted plants inside or near the glass shower. A few minutes of online research will give you plant options suitable for your bathroom’s lighting and humidity.
  • Put a seashell or lovely stone on one of your shower shelves as an accent piece.
  • Switch to a rain style shower head so that every shower feels like you are outside on a rainy day.



2. Replace shower enclosure components as needed.

Over time, a glass shower door may begin to leak, and deteriorated vinyl components are a common cause. Remove damaged items and replace with new seals and wipes. Along with addressing the practical needs of your glass shower, you can also update its look by swapping out the pull handle. Since the door handle goes a long way towards defining the style of the enclosure, this can be an important switch. You could dress it up by removing a simple handle and installing something more intricate like this, or you could modernize an old glass door with a ladder style handle – see example here. Pull handles are often interchangeable; just be sure to order a new one that is appropriate for both the thickness of your glass and the spacing of the holes already drilled in it for handle installation. Also pay attention to whether you are ordering a single pull or a back to back set.



3. Update the bathroom’s color palette.

A recent House Digest piece identifies several color groups that are in style this year. Shades of green and blue are still popular because they are soothing and create a fresh, clean vibe. White and its variations remain a perennial choice for bathrooms and also give the area a hygienic ambiance. However, if you prefer a bathroom with a warm, cozy atmosphere, tones like “ochre, coral, caramel, [and] tan” are also suggested. To rejuvenate any bathroom in a weekend, choose your preferred hue and repaint the walls. You can leave the ceiling as it is, give it a fresh coat of white paint to brighten it up, or add color to walls and ceiling alike for a “jewel box” effect. If you don’t want to break out the paint brushes, a fashionable color can also be introduced through new:

  • rugs
  • towels
  • curtains
  • wall hangings



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